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Digital Labelling

Cloud-connected IoT displays in the automotive retail market

Germany based VISI/ONE became one of the market leaders for price labelling in the stationary automotive retail market. To date, the company's core product has been an innovative adhesive wrap, which stands as a freely designable medium at the point of sale for communicating the brand and the brand message.

The company’s decision to offer cloud-based solutions for digital price labelling has finally marked a shift from analogue to digitally networked products in this field. 

Solution Developed

Project Visual Overview

Key Benefits

Reduction of car immobilisation times

Direct and flexible adjustments to the market situation in order to increase margins through better pricing.

Save valuable employee's time

Previously, keys had to be searched and price-tags had to be printed out. With our solution, online prices and on-site data always match, avoiding uncertainty among customers.

Simple installation

Customers only have to take the digital price tag out of the box for activation. The previously time-consuming installation effort is eliminated.

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