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IoT Retrofit 


Assets located on rail vehicles can be easily equipped with our IoT module that helps to implement a Predictive Maintenance and fault detection system. Data is collected, wirelessly sent to the cloud and is thus securely available remotely from anywhere.

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One dashboard for all system components on the train regardless of manufacturer 


The lifetime estimated for most railway assets is counted by years. Even though, traditional processes regarding their maintenance can get outdated and become time-consuming tasks that could be optimized. 

Developing a Predicitve Maintenance System involving IoT is the first step towards digitalization and automation of processes.


Access your assets' data remotely - from anywhere at anytime. Detect immediately potential failures, act fast, reduce costs. 


Expensive on-site reparations, maintenance trips and high-intensive inspections are significantly reduce.


Get a comprehensive real-time picture of all your assets at a glance. Massively improve management efficiency.


Maintain a constant and efficient workflow by reducing idle times of your rolling stock assets.

Monitor and manage the state and behaviour of your assets and detect anomalies right when they occur. Own a virtual model of each of your assets to understand their performance and needs.



This Predicitve Maintenance System can be integrated with other CRM/ERP systems, like Salesforce.

Railway Maintenance Challenges

Case Studies

Frost Protection Deutsche Bahn Embever

Frost Protection

Preventing locomotives from disarming themselves by taking the pantograph automatically off the grid under cold weather conditions is one of the challenges affecting the punctuality of trains. If the starter battery is subsequently discharged, it can't be started for its next operation, causing delays in train traffic. Embever has developed a Predictive System for Deutsche Bahn to tackle this issue. 

PowerBrix Cloud

Data from the Auxiliar Power Unit manufactured by the company ABB was collected locally. In the event of an error, customers had to read out the devices log data themselves or a technician was sent to the location of the tram (high costs and long idle time of rail vehicles). Now, they have remote access to its data thanks to our Predictive Maintenance solution.

Connecting Dots

Are you ready to digitalize your railway assets with IoT?

Contact us to find out more about this IoT product and to get a quote. You can also download our Pricing list for orientation.

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