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IoT Retrofit 


Rail vehicles can be easily equipped with smart sensors that help to implement predictive maintenance and fault detection. Data is collected, sent to the cloud and is thus securely available remotely from anywhere.

System Architecture


The gateway transmits data from the rail vehicle to an IoT cloud application via mobile radio. It is equipped with a GPS function and its highlight is that it can communicate with a variety of wireless and battery-powered sensors on vehicle operating equipment. This means that the network can be expanded to include any sensors. 


The Cloud receives the data. Edge computing allows data to be pre-processed in the vehicles if required and then analysed remotely in the cloud.


Data collected from the sensors is presented on a customized dashboard and it is accessible to the responsible departments remotely. An alert system can also be configured to inform specific personnel about incidents.


System Components

DigiMesh® – NB-1 Gateway

Battery-powered mobile radio gateway (LTE Cat. NB-1, GSM fallback) for connecting DigiMesh® - 2.4GHz devices.

Digital Input/ DigiMesh® Output Modul - 2.4GHz

Battery-powered module for top-hat rail mounting with two digital inputs. The value of the input is transmitted via DigiMesh® in a local mesh network. 
The module supports synchronous and asynchronous sleep modes in mesh networks. Sleep times and modes are configurable. 

Data Dashboard and Alert System

Customer-tailored dashboard using website application, with GPS location information. All parameters controlled are presented in this dashboard.

Connecting Dots

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