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Meet our (awesome) team

Today we would like to introduce you to our tech masterminds: Sujan Adhikari and Yuriy Golotsevich. They both joined the team in 2018.

Sujan Adhikari

Sujan runs behind the scenes of Embever IoT Core and is in charge of making sure our platform runs well and flawless. He is responsible for the cloud architecture and the implementation of frontend applications for customer projects.

Sujan comes from a beautiful town in the high mountains in Nepal. He loves to play football with his friends and to travel around new places.

“The team spirit, the freedom of putting your own ideas to the table and being able to work on them” is what he likes the most of being part of Embever.

Yuriy Golotsevich

Yuriy is a passionate hardware developer, driven by an idea of becoming an expert in his occupation. As he describes the process, he enjoys thinking of the whole spectrum of operations from picking up components to baking the prototype in the oven. As part of previous projects, he worked on creating application firmware, which he describes as a very interesting challenge.

Drumming, hiking and reading are his main hobbies, together with amateur dramaturgical analysis of modern cinematography.

“Having space for self-development, the diversity of work to do and the relaxed working environment is what he highlights of Embever’s culture.

We are very happy to have you both as part of our team!

Soon we will introduce you to the other team members, in the meanwhile you can check more about us here.


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