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Operations Consulting for the Internet of Things

Here at Embever we believe that companies of every size should be able to take part in the revolution of the internet of things. With more than 7 years expertise in successfully operating our IaaS Embever IoT Core with more than 30.000 active devices in the market, we have gained a holistic view of infrastructure and business operations in the Internet of Things across multiple verticals. 

With our proven track record in supporting IoT product developments thourgh all stages, we provide our clients with best practices, methodologies and technical expertise all along their journey into the Internet of Things. A typical IoT project consists of five stages: 

  • Business Case Development 

  • Prototyping (Hardware, Firmware and Software-Applications)

  • Implementation 

  • Operations 

  • Go-To-Market

Key Benefits


Optimize IoT Operations

  • Improve Operations Cost Structure

  • Improve IoT Operations Scalability


Grow IoT Capabilities within your Organizaion

  • Train IoT Development and Operations Staff 

  • Train Sales Staff 

  • Train Service Staff


Identify Digital Revenue Potential

  • You have a prototype and need to move to mass production? 


Identify Process Digitization Potentials

  • Improve Profitability of your Customer Service Organization

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Make the right Choices

  • Vendor and Technology selection

  • Strategy Setting

  • Active Risk Management

Problem Areas

With more than 7 years expertise in successfully operating our IaaS Embever IoT Core with more than 30.000 active devices for a variety different applications in the market, we have gained experience in a several main pain points.

We have successfully helped customers and partners dealing with crucial challenges while bringing IoT applications into the market or operating them.

Problem Areas

Your operations costs are getting out of control?

You have problems onboarding new customers due to scalability and capacity constraints? 

You have a prototype and need to move to mass production? 

Your cloud performance fails to comply with the desired customer experience? 

Your IoT operations are getting out of hand and deployments are a horrifying and error prone process?

Talk to use about your challenges

Our team bundles relevant experiences in important areas to help you with your IoT project:

  • Management and Leader experience (CTO, Dev Lead)

  • Software Development (Embedded, Cloud, Databases, Protocols) 

  • IoT technologies and corresponding vendors

  • IoT Operations (Cloud and Device)

  • Hardware Development, Sourcing and Production  

  • Business Development for IoT

Service Offering


We asses your operations landscape from both a technical and business perspective.

  • Identifying revenue and cost drivers

  • Cloud-Landscape Analysis

  • Integrity, Security, Reliability

  • Toolchain Analysis

  • Architecture Evaluation

  • Identifying system choke points and bottle necks 

  • Identification of Scalability Risks



We support you in defining the right strategies for sustainable and reliable operations.

  • Simplifying Complex Deployment Processes 

  • Scalability Orchestration

  • Misfits in Product Mechanics and Pricing Model (Revenue does not cover significant part of the costs)

  • Device Connectivity Contracting (MNOs, MVNOs, SIM technology)

  • Device Manufacturing Management

  • Disaster Recovery and Disaster Response Management, Failover Strategy, Incident Management approach

  • Device Management approach

  • KPI frameworks

  • Usage incentivization model

  • Reduce organizational Risks

  • Cloud-Landscape Management


We support your team with expertise and/or implementation support.

  • Service Structure and Architecture

  • Development Best Practices

  • Embedded and Cloud native Toolchains

  • Transmission Technology Selection

  • System Architecture
    Infrastructure as Code
    Product Certification

  • Hardware Development 

  • Battery selection

  • Firmware (Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux) 

  • Virtualization Technologies (QUEMU, LXD, DOCKER, KVM) on Edge and Cloud Native

  • Hardware and Firmware Debugging 

  • IoT Protocols (MQTT, MQTT-SN, COAP, LWM2M, Custom, etc.)

  • Custom UDP Transmission Protocols



We guide you through the optimization process of your IoT infrastructure. 

  • System Load Control

  • Storage Limitation Mitigation

  • Data Troughput and Availablity (e.g. Long-running Database Queries)

  • Decreasing Operations and Transmission Costs

  • Optimization of Data Exchange 

  • Integrity, Security, Reliability

  • Service Structure and Architecture

  • Stack Migrations (MNOs, Databases, Brokers, Languages, etc.) and Technology Switching (NoSQL->SQL, Brokers, Radio Technology etc.)

  • Influx Management

  • Device management

  • Maintainability and Upgradability

Our customers value our honesty, loyalty and reliability. We have build deep relationships to most of them, since our IaaS IoT Core often become a key part for their business. 

Sascha Thiergart

Director of Technology


Richard Abendroth

Director of Customer Innovation

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